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Broken Screen Repair

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Broken Screen Repair Center

If the screen on any of your iView tablets is broken, Chenzhi Corporation fast and dedicated technicians can repair the screen at a low economical price. Broken screens are NOT covered under Chenzhi Corporation’s one year Standard Warranty. If you send your tablet to be repaired by Chenzhi Corporation’s certified technician, your warranty will not be voided, which means if your tablet experiences a malfunction within your warranty period Chenzhi Corporation will repair it. Accidents happen and when they do, Chenzhi Corporation can help.

At this time we are only accepting money orders, no personal checks or credit cards.

Please note: Price includes return shipping and handling for those who reside within the Continental United States. There will be additional shipping and handling fee for those who do not reside within the Continental United States.

To send your tablet in for repairs, please contact Chenzhi Corporation’s Customer Service in order to receive an RMA# needed for repair.

You may call (909) 627-9888 Monday – Friday 9am-5:30pm Pacific Time or email Customer Service at support@iviewus.com.

Please call or email technical support with the information provided below for prices for your cracked screens.

Please have the following information ready when calling Customer Service or include the following information in the email.

Telephone Number
Model Number