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General & Windows FAQ

General FAQ

I have lost my instruction manual. How can I get another copy?

Click here and select your model from the dropdown menu for downloading manuals.

How can I connect Bluetooth keyboard to windows tablet?

For windows 8 instruction please click here. For Windows 10 instruction please click here

Who can I contact if I have any problems with my item?

You can contact Wiltronic Corporation Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm pacific time at (909)627-9888 for any questions or concerns. Or email us at support@iviewus.com. Please make sure to look at the FAQs page for answers as well.

Canadian Customers please contact the Toll Free number 1-877-239-4535. Address: 35 Riviera Drive, Unit 11-12, Markham, Ontario, L3R 8N4.

What about the Warranty?

Wiltronic Corporation offers a 1-year limited warranty on new products and a 3-month limited warranty on refurbished products.

Smart bulbs:

What socket and bulb size do our Smart bulbs fit in?

The socket size of the Smart Bulb is E27.

Can Alexa/Google change the color of the smart bulbs?

Alexa and Google Assistant can turn the lights on, off, or change the color. You are also able to operate the settings of the device on your IView app.

How do I set up my IView Smart Bulb with my Amazon Echo?

IView Smart Bulb setup procedures and voice control by Amazon Alexa

  1. Reset your Router to clear the connection request; or reset your Router to 2.4G wireless if you have Dual band router.
  2. Please download iView iHome APP from iOS or Google store and setup your account.
  3. Reset bulb by turning on and off three time until you see quick flash on the smart bulb
  4. Open iView iHome APP, click + on upper right hand corner, then choose lighting device to connect. After connection, you can control the brightness, color and scheduling of the bulb.
  5. Please rename your smart bulb on iView iHome APP to something easy to control, such as living room or dining room.
  6. Install Amazon Alexa to your phone, go to Skill->Smart Home and add iView iHome, then enable it.
  7. On Alexa Smart Home connect your iView iHome account.
  8. On Alexa smart home, click on Add device on Devices, let Alexa discover all the smart home devices you have; you can group some or all devices as new name to control in group.
  9. Now, you can use Alexa to voice control your bulbs/sockets, such as Alexa turn front light on/off; or changing color by Alexa turn front light to red.

Any further questions, please call (909)627-9888 or support@iviewus.com

Can I control my IView Smart Bulb from multiple devices?

Once you have set your IView Smart bulb up to your mobile devices, you are able to share the information with other devices so they can operate that bulb.

Can I still turn the lights on and off without using the App?

We recommend using the app to operate the lighting. Turning the lights on and off can reset the bulb.

Can I still control my lights even though I’m far away?

Yes, as long as you have access to your app then you are able to operate the lights.

Cyber Pads:

Why doesn’t my Iview Tablet have the Google play store? And how can I download it?

All Android tablets will need to use Google Play store to download apps. However, some new tablets do not come with the Google Play store pre-installed, therefore you will need to upgrade the firmware in order to have the Google Play Store.
We provide a hassle free upgrade method – OTA (which stands for over-the-air; it is an update of a wireless delivery of new software or data to mobile phones and tablets. )

We recommend our customers to do the firmware upgrade before usage. The upgrade instructions are as follows:

  1. Go to "settings" then go to "About Tablet" and click on "Update."
  2. On the interface of "Pad Update Guide" click "Online Update."
  3. Afterwards, click "Download" then "Update."
  4. Lastly, after finishing up the update, reset your device: "Settings" - "Backup & Reset" - "Reset Tablet". For step by step instructions, view our Android Reset Instructions.

* Note: Please DO NOT press the "Reset" on the back casing!

What if after I completed the download and followed the steps accordingly, my tablet still doesn’t have the Google Play Store?

In this case please make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal in order for the firmware to download successfully.

What can I do if I have a cracked/broken screen?

The warranty does not cover any physical damages; if you have a cracked screen Wiltronic Corporation can repair the broken screen; please contact us for pricing.

What can I do if my Cyber Pad has camera issues, has no wi-fi connectivity, has locked me out or is frozen?

For any of these issues please visit our website at www.iviewus.com and click on Download. There is Firmware available for each tablet model. Your tablet model number is located behind your tablet; find the firmware for your model type and download the Firmware and instructions so that you can successfully install the firmware on your personal computer and transfer to your tablet in order to fix these issues.

What if my Cyber Pad:

  • touch screen isn’t functioning
  • won’t turn on
  • is not charging
  • speakers are not working
  • shows a white screen
  • the display is showing lines

If your tablet has one or more of these issues you must contact Wiltronic Corporation in order to receive a RMA# needed for repair.

How can I replace my power charger?

If you would like to purchase a new power charger contact Wiltronic Corporation at (909)627-9888 for pricing and to place an order.

What mobile network can I use with my IV-792TPC or my IV-796TPC model?

For models IV-792TPC you may only use AT&T and for models IV-796TPC you may use AT&T and T-Mobile as well.

What if my tablet IV-792TPC or IV-796TPC is not reading the sim card?

If your tablet is not reading the sim card please contact your provider to get a replacement card; if problems continue please call us.

What if my mobile network connection isn’t working?

Reinstall the sim card and check the settings; if problems still continue please contact us.

Converter Boxes:

What if I cannot see the menu for my 3500STB converter box?

Make sure to connect converter box using white, red, and yellow cables, once connected change your TV source from TV to Video, if you have multiple videos please try each one.

My converter box is not picking up any channels.

Make sure your antenna is in the antenna in Bold, relocate your antenna and try auto search again.

What does Boot mean?

Boot means the menu is open on the screen, it does not mean the converter box is booting up.

My antenna does not work?

Signal depends on your location and the power of your antenna, if there is a lot of interference then an outdoor antenna would be best.

My converter box is not recording.

If it does not record then double check USB connection and the settings.

What do I do if the images are in black and white or the screen is rolling?

If any of these issues occur contact us.

What if there is no sound?

Make sure the red and white cables are properly connected if the problem continues please contact us to help you.

My converter Box won’t turn off.

If your converter box won’t turn off, unplug from power source then wait 2-3 minutes, then plug back and try again, if the problem continues contact us.

What if my converter box freezes?

If your converter box freezes then please update the firmware that is available on our website; instructions are included but if you need any assistance do not hesitate to contact us for help.

What is the default password?

The default password is 000000, this can be use for program edit restore, to default, and for the first time entering parental guidance.

How can I receive the QAM signal?

For the QAM signal, change the signal type from air, to cable and redo the channel search.

Fixing Maximus WiFi Issues:

Maximus WiFi not connecting?

  • In the Desktop, open the Start menu
  • Select "Settings"
  • In the Settings menu, select "Update and Security"
  • Select "Recovery"
  • In the Recovery menu select the "Get Started" button underneath "Reset this PC" and follow the instructions
  • When prompted, select "Erase all Files"
  • When prompted again, select "Just Delete My Files"
  • Your Maximus will reset, the process will take roughly an hour.

Video Link:

How to Hard Reset your iView Tablet?


Windows 8.1 FAQ

Activation Steps

Click on Download to get word document that shows step by step on how to complete user setting guide.

Download button for how to complete user setting

Forgotten password

If you have forgotten your password you are going to reinstall Windows. Please go to iviewus.com, choose Support, choose Firmware, choose your model number and download and install the firmware.

The process also works with both Window 8.1 and Windows 10.

How do I set up an email?

Choose the email app on your home screen. You can add your Outlook, Gmail, AOL, or Yahoo accounts.

What is a Microsoft Account?

A Microsoft Account is an email and password that you can use to sign into your tablet. It keeps your settings, preferences, and applications.

You can use multiple Microsoft Accounts on the tablet or on other devices as well.

How do I to connect to WiFi?

  1. Swipe in from the right and choose Settings
  2. Choose Wireless Network
  3. Click on Settings to turn on.
  4. Choose your network and choose connect (If your network requires a password please enter the correct password and choose connect)

What if my tablet is not turning on?

Please make sure you have charged your tablet for at least an hour. Try two methods of charging.

If your tablet is not turning on please contact iView via phone at 909-627-9888 or email at support@iviewus.com.

How do you add an account

  1. Swipe in from the right and choose "Settings"
  2. Choose "Change PC Settings"
  3. Choose "Accounts"
  4. Choose "Other Accounts"
  5. Choose "Add Account"

How do I remove an account?

  1. Swipe in from the right and choose "Settings"
  2. Choose "Change PC Settings"
  3. Choose "Accounts"
  4. Choose "Other Accounts"
  5. Choose "Remove Account"
  6. Choose "Delete Account and Data"

How to Connect the Bluetooth Keyboard

  1. Turn on tablet and keyboard
  2. Make sure both the tablet and the keyboard are fully charged. (Each charge separately.)
  3. On tablet, swipe in from the right to choose "Start".
  4. Choose "Desktop"
  5. On the bottom right of the Desktop Task Bar choose the small arrow pointing upwards.
  6. Choose the Bluetooth symbol. A new window will open and turn on Bluetooth.
  7. Press the "OFF" to turn it "ON"
  8. When the Bluetooth is turned ON, choose “Add Bluetooth Device”
  9. On the keyboard, press and hold “Connect” until the blue light flashes.
  10. On your tablet, you should see “Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard Ready to Pair”
  11. Choose “Pair”
  12. A numerical sequence will appear on the screen. Enter the numerical sequence on your keyboard and press "Enter" when finished.
  13. Soon you will see “Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard Connected”

Window 10 FAQ

How do I reset my Windows 10 tablet?

Click on Download to get word document that shows step by step on how to complete user setting guide.