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iView Maximus Firmware, Manual, Product Flyer

Maximus Installations Steps

Before installing this firmware, check on the bottom of your Maximus for the first 4 digits of the device’s serial number. If the serial number on your Maximus begins with 1508, you would download and install the 1508 firmware. If your Maximus serial number begins with 1601, you will need to install the 1601 Firmware.

Download Instructions Manual Flyer

Download Firmware

This is firmware for iView Maximus.

File Version Size Date
IVIEW-MAXIMUS Driver Only 75 MB 03/04/2016 Download
IVIEW-MAXIMUS 1508 3.8 GB 08/29/2016 Download
IVIEW-MAXIMUS 1601 3.6 GB 08/29/2016 Download
Win10 Installer 171 MB 07/16/2018 Download
7-Zip Download
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