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711TPC Kids Sing Pad (Blue) - Affordable 7", 1024 × 600 High Resolution, Quad Core Processor, Cortex A7 1.3GHz, 1GB DDR3/16GB Tablet with Microphone and over 200 free apps - Under $200

Quick Overview

Screen: 7" Capacitive Touch Screen 1024 x 600 High Resolution
Processor: Quad Core, Cortex A7, 1.33GHz
OS: Android 4.4
Memory: 16GB
Wireless Connection: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Built-in Bluetooth 4.0
Micro USB Port / TF Card (Max: 128GB)
Audio Output: Stereo Speaker (8 Ω 1.0w) / 3.5MM Stereo Headphone Jack
Play Store, Calendar, Calculator, Email, Picture Viewing, Music / Video Playback, Games
Battery: Built-in 3,500 mAh / 3.5V
Includes Adapter, OTG Cable, USB2.0 Cable, User Manual and Microphone

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Iview presents parents and young minds a high-performance kid-friendly Android tablet device at an affordable price. The iView Kids Sing Pad offers the best experience for children and the best value for money in one package.

Modern tablet computers of today aren't just for playing games. They can be invaluable educational tools that enhances your kid's ability to learn, promotes hand-to-eye coordination, and encourages family time. Tablets can also be a bonding device for spending precious moments between you and your child.

The iView Sing Pad presents a great alternative to popular Leapfrog tablets including the LeapPad Epic, Ultimate and Platinum. Why get overpriced tablets when you can get more performance at a fraction of the price?

iView Kids Sing Pad Features

If you're looking for a gift for your kids or for your grandkids, forget the LeapPad Platinum. The iView Kids Sing Pad is the better choice. Higher screen resolution, Wi-Fi capability, rechargeable power, faster processors. Easy to use and robust versatility. Filled with games and children's apps that your kids will love to explore and play. You've got all the best things in an Iview.

711TPC Kids Sing Pad with microphone

Screen Size - 7-inch capacitative touch screen at 1024 x 600 resolution

The iView Kids Sing Pad beats out the Leapfrog LeapPad Platinum in terms of quality of screen display and touch screen responsiveness. The rich, vibrant colors that pops out of the 7" LCD screen makes playing games and learning more fun than ever! Your kid can use the tablet to listen to music, watch kid's videos, play interactive games or listen to audiovisual story books. What's more, they can draw or write on the high resolution display that's optimized to respond to a child's light touch.

iView has made sure that the touch screen controls match that of a child's. Therefore, the iView Pad is much more responsive and accurate when it comes to registering touch input. The 1024 x 600 resolution gives you crystal-clear images, sharpness and excellent viewing angles. Unlike the LeapPad Platinum, the iView is designed to be used without a stylus, therefore minimizing the chances of screen breakage. There's less fumbling around and more play time. The Kids Sing Pad can be used to download kid-friendly apps and videos within the age-appropriate range.

Both the Leapfrog LeapPad 2 and LeapPad 3 has an inferior screen size at 5 inches and a lower resolution rate at 480 x 720. iView's offering shows sharp, bright pixels while the LeapPad 2 may be grainy or blurry at times.

The Processor - Cortex A7 Quad Core at 1.33 GHz

Don't be fooled by the kid-friendly design of the iView Kids Sing Pad. Underneath the colorful pink or blue shell lies a powerful processor that can easily accomplish the most demanding tasks!

Four 1.33 GHz processors mean the Sing Pad is lightning-quick and powerful. Each processing core can be called upon to do run games, open apps, play music or stream online TV shows. You'll never lack the CPU to handle even the latest apps and games. If you have an impatient child who constantly taps at the screen to make it load faster, then the iView Kids Sing Pad is made especially for them.

The Memory - 1GB of RAM

The kids of today want everything faster, including their tablets. The iView Kids Sing Pad is the perfect device as it provides speedy performance for the most-used apps or games in your kid's tablet. Your child may be frustrated when he or she opens up multiple apps and find that their device is slowing down because of it. This only happens in Leapfrog Ultra but not with the Sing Pad.

There's no need to settle for clunky, low resolution Leapfrog tablets that make your child restless and cause you endless headaches. Get the iView tablet, which is faster, has more RAM and is easier to handle. There's no imperceptible lag time between launching apps and returning to the Android home screen. Best of all, the Sing Pad is totally responsive and never sluggish.

Android 4.4 Operating System

The iView Kids Sing Pad has the Android 4.4 OS. The Play Store can be customized to filter games and educational apps by age group, price, etc. A download at the Play Store can keep your young one occupied for hours. You're in control over preventing unauthorized app purchases or watching videos made for older audiences. With the iView Pad you get peace of mind knowing that your child is safe from online dangers.

Expandable Storage

The iView Kids Sing Pad offers hours of entertainment for your child even without being connected to the internet. The iView tablet single-handedly beats out the LeapPad 2 and the LeapPad Ultra when it comes to onboard memory, featuring a spacious 8 GB worth of storage for apps, files and games. What's more, the iView tablet has expansion opportunities in the form of a TF card slot that you can use to store precious files and game saves. Your child won't ever have to think about uninstalling an app or a game just to free up space on his or her tablet. Unlike the Leapfrog Epic that can only get up to 32 GB of additional storage, the iView Kids Sing Pad can hold an extra 128 GB of TF card storage inside its 7-inch shell.

Audio Output

Sound is just as important as visuals when your child is learning or playing educational apps. Thankfully, the iView Kids Sing Pad has a 3.5mm standard headphone stereo jack and stereo speakers for maximum sound enjoyment.

The audio that comes out of the external speaker can be heard clearly and without any noise. Any educational app that teaches ABCs, for example can be heard articulately without having to max out the volume. Every bleep and tone is distinct and replicates well on your child's headphones.

Iview Sing Pad Connectivity

The iView Kids Sing Pad offers a wealth of modern connectivity features, from expandable memory to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features.

Wireless Connections - Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

Everyone is connected nowadays, which means that no device should be without the 802.11 b/g/n feature. The iView Kids Sing Pad can connect to the internet and open up a slew of entertainment possibilies for you and your child. The high-speed wireless function enables you to watch educational shows and streaming kiddie content quickly and without unnecessary buffering times.

The Bluetooth 4.0 function lets you connect the iView tablet to any compatible Bluetooth device for an enhanced entertainment experience. You will have the option to connect to a wireless hard drive, to another Bluetooth-enabled device, a headphone or a Bluetooth speaker. With this technology you can forget about the hassles of wired equipment. Send files such as music, video or images without worrying about cables. The Android platform adds to the overall usefulness of the iView Kids Sing Pad. Your child can control their favorite toys such as the Sphero and other connected toys using the same tablet, without you having to hand over yours.

Battery Life

The iView Kids Sing Pad provides hours of entertainment on a single full charge. The battery is powerful enough to last a day trip in the car. Even when your child turns up the volume or plays demanding games, the iView tablet can keep on working and accompany your kid until you reach your destination.

The battery life of the iView tablet device is remarkably long with non-stop entertainment, i.e., playing kid's games, watching streaming video or listening to music. What's more, the 3,500 mAh battery is built inside the tablet, which means you won't have to worry whether you've brought enough AA batteries or having a rechargeable battery pack handy. This gives the iView Kids Sing Pad the edge over the LeapPad GLO, which needs compatible batteries and a portable battery charger.

You'll be surprised at how long each full charge lasts on the iView Kids Sing Pad. Compared to the Leapfrog devices that eat through your pack of AA batteries, you won't have to deal with a bored child that can't use his or her tablet because it's low on charge. You can get much-needed peace when you're driving or when you're working at home.

Kid-Friendly Design

Makes learning fun

The build quality of the iView Kids Sing Pad is outstanding. It's the absolute perfect size for small hands and the ergonomic shape means there's less fatigue and more enjoyment.

Controls are easy to understand and kept to a minimum. The Android-based screen menu is intuitive and straightforward. Your child can learn how to navigate the iView tablet within minutes when he or she get their hands on it. What's more, the iView Kids Sing Pad is playable right out of the box. The rubberized sections promote a safer, more secure grip on the back and on the sides. Your little kid will love the fact that their tablet is durable and can take a solid beating!

The iView tablet is designed for minimal supervision. The overall design promotes safety and minimizes screen scratches and the occasional bumps and falls. Even if the iView tablet does drop, the extra-thick sides and the shell keep the electronic components safe and operational. Conversely, the shape is great for small hands and the iView device is lightweight enough to be carried anywhere.

Personalized Tablet

Choose from various color options for your child's iView Kids Sing Pad. From there, you can get into the Home screen and begin customizing your child's unique tablet experience. You and your child can get to choose the Sing Pad's background picture, wallpaper, pick among lovely themes and game titles available for download. It's easy to expand content on demand by attaching storage solutions.

The iView Kids Sing Pad comes in with app staples such as Calendar, Calculator, Music and Video Playback, Picture Viewing, Email and Local Weather, alongside popular kid's games, educational apps, learning tools and art packages. You as the parent can add or remove applications, games and other content in real time. You can also set up tablet limits like what app or games your child can download.

Iview Sing Pad Pre-Installed Games

The iView Kids Sing Pad comes pre-loaded with a wealth of popular learning apps and games for maximum enjoyment right out of the box. Your kid will enjoy learning in subjects such as math, reading and science, become more creative and improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills. You can have them play with color and experiment using drawing apps and with different brushes.

The iView tablet features its own entertainment hub that promotes the growth and development of your child. Check out these awesome apps and games that allow your child to learn, play, and sing his or her heart out!

Game Accessibility

The iView Kids Sing Pad allows you or your child to download games on the internet via the Android Google Play store. This unlocks plenty of educational and learning opportunities to cultivate learning and improve hand-eye coordination.

The iView tablet keeps things open and interesting. Similar products, such as the Leapfrog tablets are restrictive as they have their own proprietary OS and apps. It's only a matter of time before your child has tried out all the Leapfrog games and want some more. Why limit yourself to apps and games that one company provides when you can get an Android-based kid's tablet and unlock a world of possibilities?

Though there are Leapfrog apps and games that you can buy on the internet, they can be costly in the long run compared to free games at the Play Store. The iView Kids Sing Pad wins in the games department!

What's In The Box?

As mentioned, the iView Kids Sing Pad is playable right out of the box and parental setup only takes a few minutes.

The package includes a microphone, a user manual, a USB 2.0 cable, an OTG cable, and adapter. The adapter goes with the USB 2.0 cable for charging purposes. The OTG cable may be used to connect two compatible devices. The inclusion of a USB cable means you can plug it in your car adapter as a charger as well.

Kids Sing Pad Games

Counting Fish: Fat grey and black striped cat Counting Fish
Category: Learning

The big fat cat wants to count the number of fish to clear the fish bowl, but it is not good at math. The cat needs the children to help count the number of fish in the tank.

Designed with beautiful aquarium scenery and lovely colorful fish, the game is design to make learning to count fun for kids.

Gathering Fruit: Apple tree with monky holding a basket Gathering Fruits
Category: Learning

This is an application about learning letters and integrates a learning approach that increases a child's familiarity of letters and number.

How Many Squirrels: Squirrel standing next to mushroom house How Many Squirrels
Category: Learning

The naughty squirrels like playing hide and seek. Watch the squirrels come and go from the mushroom house and, in the end, guess the number of little squirrels hiding.

Throughout the course of the game, the little squirrels constantly walk out of the house. Children must remember the number of remaining squirrels inside the house, meanwhile, adding and subtracting the squirrel out of the only correct answer to a hiding squirrel the number to be rewarded

This game primarily focuses on improving children's memory capacity, while also doing simple computions.

Learning Animals: Girl in red dress looking at lion Learning Animals
Category: Learning

A cute little girl encounters a variety of animals in the forest and must answer the questions raised by animals, friends and interesting animals!

Correctly input the name of the animal in the game and small animals interact, and move on until the end of

This game allows children to learn the name and spelling of various types of animals found in the wild.

Learning Clothes: Picture of collar shirt with grey and black striped tie Learning Clothes
Category: Learning

A little girl goes to the supermarket to help her mother run some errands. On this trip, she needs to buy some clothes. Help the little girl on her shopping trip!

Correctly enter the name of the clothing in the game. Once entered correctly, move on until the end of the game.

This application allows children to learn the names and spelling of common clothing items.

Learning Fruits: Red apple with apple orchard in background Learning Fruits
Category: Learning

A little girl goes to a very big orchard that grows a variety of delicious fruits to eat some fruit. The owner of the orchard's provision is that the girl must answer his questions in order to get the fruit from the orchard.

Correctly enter the name of the fruit in the game to move on until the end of the game.

This application allows children to learn the names and spelling of common fruits.

Learning Sports Equipment: Tennis ball and racket, badminton racquet and birdy, pins and bowling ball, and soccer ball display Learning Sports Equipment
Category: Learning

The little girl goes to the supermarket, to help her mother run some errands. On this trip, she needs to buy some sporting goods, help the little girl to pick out some sports equipment!

Enter the name of the sport equipment. Enter the correct name of the item to move on until the end of the game.

This application introduces children to the names and spelling of some common sports equipment.

Learning Transportation: Purple bike with hillside landscape Learning Transportation
Category: Learning

The little girl begins on her trek through the forest, but the journey is very difficult. Help the little girl get transport, allowing her to reach the destination faster!

Correctly input the name of the transportion in the game. Enter the name correctly and continue to move forward until the end of the game.

This game helps children learn the names and spellings of many common modes of transportation.

Learning Vegetables: Supermarket with lettuce and pumpkins Learning Vegetables
Category: Learning

The little girl goes to the supermarket, to help her mother buy some daily necessities. On this trip, she needs some help buying vegetables.

Enter the name of the vegetable correctly and move on until the end of the game.

Thid game allows children to learn to distiguish common vegetables through pictures, by name and spelling.

Learning Notes: Clouds with numbers on staff and piano keyboard with numbers at bottom Learning Notes
Category: Art

In this fun little game, players will be prompted to enter a note. When entered correctly, the note will fly to the clouds in the sky. Once all the clouds are filled, the notes of the song will play.

Select some classic children's songs. Through a combination of notes and songs, this game will help your child gain a rough understanding of the association between notes, melody and song and cultivate interest in music.

Little Pianist: Piano with sheet music Little Pianist
Category: Art

This is a digital version of the piano. Your child will familiarize themselves with a piano keyboard and letter and stimulate children's interest in the art of music. In addition, the built-in score can help children to learn some simple songs.

Piano: Floating eigth notes with numbered piano keys at bottom Piano
Category: Art

Enter the corresponding note to the numbers of keys on the screen. A note symbol will then fly to the screen. This game is designed to cultivate childrens' interest in music. If parents help their child prepare a musical score, the game willmore exciting.

Typing Practice: Blue and green balloons with letters floating in the sky Typing Practice
Category: Game

This game with strengthen your child's familiarity with the letters by tapping the corresponding key balloon letters and improve you child's ability to match uppercase and lowercase letters.

Spin Guess: Smiling bumblebee with rotated images of bumblebee at bottom SpinGuess
Category: Game

This game is a test of memory for children. The game will randomly rotate the image clockwise or counterclockwise. Players need to memorize the initial state and count the number of revolutions in order to infer the pattern of the next.

Rotating Graphics: Fox with paint and canvas Rotating Graphics
Category: Game

This game tests your child's ability to distiguish color. Players need to rotate the image various ways (clockwise, counterclockwise, flip horizontal, flip vertical) to match the blocks on the blackboard and canvas.

iWawa Paint: Ocean with coral and seaweed in foreground and small school of fill in background iWawa Paint
Category: Art

iWawa Paint provides a fun drawing platform for children, there are colorful tools such as pencils, crayons, and brushes, as well as rich and colorful stamp materials. Kids can paint and color stamps. This application allows children to express their creativity by making pictures of their own creation. Once satisfied with their masterpiece, children can save their work to view later. iWawa Paint makes painting fun by encouranging children to explore their talent for painting and ignite your child's creative passion!

Ant: Infograph cards describing ants Ant
Category: Story

The ant is the most common insect found in nature. For these little creature that see everywhere, how much do you know about them?

An ant is tiny, but it has many secrets. Do you want to take a look?

If your kids are interested in insects or curious about ants, don't miss this app!

Let's learn about this amazing little ant!

Dung Beetle: Blue dung beetles haping dung into ball Dung Beetle
Category: Story

The dung beetle is a very unique little creature.

They don't have strong bodies, but possess incredible strength; they are not beautiful, but brilliant; stinky poo is gross to people, but it is their favorite.

They are known as natural cleaners. Why?

How do they roll dung into a ball?

And where do they take the dung?

Let's explore this amazing little dung beetle!

Butterfly: Monarch butterfly on pink flower Butterfly
Category: Story

Kids love beautiful butterflies and their elegant wings. Once they see a butterfly, they will always be chasing it excitedly.

Is your child curious about this magical creature? Do they also have the following questions?

  • Is the butterfly born a dancer?
  • Why their wings are so beautiful?
  • Why are some butterflies big, but others small?

It is difficult to imagine that an ordinary caterpillar can transform into a beautiful butterfly. There is no doubt that in the world of insects, these creatures are a real-life Cinderella story.

If your child is interested in insects, and curious about the butterfly, then you should not miss this application!

Let's learn about the butterfly, the beautiful guy!

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