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Intel Atom Processor Quad Core
Windows 8.1
Memory: 32GB
Wireless Connection

Supports 1080P Output 
Windows Store, Internet Browser, 
Calendar, Calculator, Email Picture Viewing, 
Music/Video Playback, Games

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The new iView Cyber PC is the world’s smallest mobile computer armed with an Intel processor and Windows 8.1 OS. Powered by a quad core 1.33 GHz processor delivers ample power and speed, so you can tackle any demanding computing task with utmost ease. It has a 2GB of DDR3 memory to ensure smoother and more responsive multitasking operations, even during heavy system traffic. It includes 32GB internal storage for storing all your important files, documents, downloads, and many more. With a built-in Micro SD Card Slot, you’ll have the ability to increase the Cyber PC’s internal storage up to a massive 128GB, giving you more space to access your HD movies, games, or apps for great entertainment on the go.  Unlike other mini PCs on the market today, the IVIEW CYBER PC comes with a wireless keyboard that’s powered by wireless technology and will work well with the Cyber PC. The IVIEW CYBER PC is definitely an affordable-but-powerful portable computer that can simplify your life.



The Cyber PC’s compatible wireless keyboard is powered by wireless technology. No need to worry about cables or power outlets. This keyboard is ready to go when you are. Like the Cyber PC, the wireless keyboard is small enough to fit into your pocket or purse. It is small and lightweight, unlike standard wireless keyboards in the market today. It’s also ergonomically designed for playing video games.


Measuring less than 5 inches in length and powered by a 1.33 GHz Intel Atom Z3735F Bay Trail processor, the iView Cyber PC is a full Windows computer on an HDMI stick. The processor is quad core, which delivers a smooth, fast and powerful performance with no stuttering. With an HDMI connector, all you need is to plug it into a TV or computer monitor with an HDMI input and you’re ready to go!


Despite its tiny size, the Cyber PC comes with a full size USB port located on the right side of the device that allows you to plug in a wired mouse, keyboard or other hubs. For example, you can plug in an external storage device that will give you access to more of your media. Right next to the USB port is a micro USB connection, where you can plug in the device’s power adapter, included in the product’s packaging. Along with the power adapter, you’ll also find a user manual, USB cable, HDMI cable, and a wireless keyboard included with your Cyber PC.


You’ll also find a second micro USB connection on the left side of the iView Cyber PC stick, for more options to connect the Cyber PC to your devices. Right next to the micro USB connection is a micro SD card slot that will allow you to expand the memory to 128 GB, giving you more freedom to access all that you love – HD movies, video games, music, and more! You can use any standard micro SD cards up to 128 gigabytes and simply insert it into the device’s card slot.


Thin and lightweight, the Cyber PC is less than 2 inches wide – small enough to fit into your hand, pocket or purse! It’s so portable and convenient, allowing you to have your personal computer with you anywhere you go. In fact, the Cyber PC is the perfect travel essential. You’ll never be without your media and you don’t have to worry about the extra luggage space it will occupy – it can easily fit inside your carry-on bag.

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