Everything nowadays is prone to hacking. Things as simple as drones to things as complicated as secured government servers. That shows that the terms "hack-proof" or "unhackable" are misnomers and an attempt at salesmanship. There really is no perfect way to prevent hackers from getting into anything used with computers, like your Wi-Fi. From a [...]

Out of all the operating systems in the market, the Android OS is the most flexible and customize-friendly of them all. These characteristics are what make Android smart devices a popular choice among the most tech-oriented users. To get the best out of our your tablet or smartphone, you have to make sure that you [...]

Everyone keeps talking about when the new Apple IOS is coming out, or what the new Android OS names are going to be. Quietly, Windows devices are creeping up and making a name for itself. The new update, Windows 10 is a tremendously significant upgrade from the last OS (Windows 8.1). Well, those that use [...]

Photo source: Blogonline24.com We depend on our mobile devices. Our tablets and smartphones have found their way to our homes the same way that the PC and telephone have in the last decades. Like our phones and PCs, we have to take care of our mobile devices. Not all of these kinds of devices are [...]

Electronic devices like tablets and smartphones have become integral to the everyday life of people. It can help simplify almost every aspect of life. One other thing it does is, it helps people navigate through things that they normally wouldn’t do alone. Traveling has always scared a lot of people and they normally wait to [...]

Photo source: Newyorkcomputinghelp.com A lot of tech experts are saying that tablets will be replacing laptops soon. Just as many experts have also said that laptops are here to stay. With tablets being preferred as the electronic sidekick of choice, it's hard not to agree with the former. Laptops though are still a good pick [...]

Photo source: iPhonerepairleeds.com If you want something bigger than your smartphone but not as cumbersome as a laptop, your best bet is getting a tablet. Tablets are the happy center between smartphones and laptops, a device that is easy to use. Even for "technophobes". Like all devices, there are lots of types out in the [...]

Photo source:Whatzupnews.com Tablets have been around since the 90s, but the latest incarnation has dominated the tech world for the last few years. Portability, features, unique applications, design, and power make it a preference over laptops and computers for some daily situations. We won't just give you reasons to get a tablet; we'll also let [...]

Photo source: Techradar.com Smartphones and tablets are a necessity for a lot of people. Apart from being a phone, it's also a pocket computer filled with apps and widgets to make everyone’s life easier. It's also a camera and a multimedia player. Every month, new apps being created to push its importance further. Yes, it's [...]

Photo source: Socialmediatoday.com Choosing the right smartphone OS for you can be difficult. Both have their pros and cons. Both are better at certain tasks than the other. Sufficed to say, picking which smartphone to go for is a big decision to make. Especially if budget is a concern, you have to make the best [...]


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